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1450 AM


103.1 FM

The Country Twins simulcast its' programming on two stations in order to make our content more available to anyone within our listening area! You can find us on either AM or FM - PLUS! As a bonus you can live stream the broadcast from anywhere with internet access right here on our website!


KBFS 1450-AM has been broadcasting out of Belle Fourche since 1959 as a 1,000 Watt AM station with a loyal farm, ranch, and sports following! The satellite dishes are located right outside of our beautiful Belle Fourche location at 707 Harding St.

KYDT 103.1-FM went on the air in 1997. The tower is located on top of Warren Peak in Sundance, Wyoming running 25,000 watts. 

Our focus is on the community and our listeners are always top-priority which is why we try to bring only programs with real content. The content in our programs range from news (SD, MT, WY, and National news) and weather, to local coverage (Community Reports, Swap Shop, Local Livestock Sales). 

There is political coverage with shows like The Mike Gallagher Show, and The Dana Show. We showcase different sporting events including (but not limited to) NASCAR, NFL, University of Wyoming sports, and the local sports teams from within our awesome listening community. 

Then, on weekends we share programs to touch home. To name just a few, you can hear The Lone Ranger, This Land Stretches On, Working Ranch Radio, and Under The Hood.


There's so many more programs that it would be nonsense to name them all; especially since the best way to find out what The Country Twins has to offer is by tuning in! 

Veteran Owned ...

And His Lady Fair

The Master-In-Command

The Gatekeeper

The main man in charge is none other than US Navy Lieutenant Commander (retired), Karl Grimmelmann! Karl began working for KBFS in May of 1988 and from there began to shape The Country Twins into the informative and fun radio experience that it is today. 


The red-hot red-head by Karl's side is his lovely bride, Maggie Grimmelmann. Maggie is a spit-fire personality with a heart of gold. She's nicknamed the Gatekeeper because when in the station, her beautiful face would be the first one you see. So if you'd like to get in the door, you'll need to pay the toll with our Gatekeeper. Lucky for you, the best token is a smile. 

Maggie pic.jpg


Elsie Hicks

Christine Bestgen 

The Sales Lady

The BS Queen

Miss Elsie is the glue that holds the station together.  She's the friendly voice that answers the phone and calls for the advertising that allows the station to stay on the air.  Most importantly, she does her best to keep Karl on track! 

Elsie pic.jpg

An All-American, Patriot-loving mama who doesn't put up with any BS, Christine is the self-professed Queen of BS at the Country Twins.  As such, she handles all bull sale and political ads with as much professionalism, humor and sass as possible. 


Smokey Mark Stenson &

Mark Leverington

The Sports Guys

The Sports Guys ensure great coverage of high school sports from Wright to Belle Fourche and everywhere in between.  Their distinctive voices coming over the air waves are a welcome reminder of our local athletes and the pursuit of excellence.  


Andrea Wood & Katie Williams

The Side Kicks

Andrea and Katie step in to help with sports broadcasts, scheduling, advertising and more as needed. Often working behind the scenes, these girls try to keep Smokey lined out, a daunting task for even the bravest! 


Bob Steele

The Dude on the Board

Bob is the Dude on the Board that you don't see and don't hear, but he is there ensuring that sports broadcasts make it on air and editing the audio for your favorite programs. 

Image by Jonathan Farber

In LovingTribute

Cynthia Ann Grimmelmann 
(May 15th, 1949 - April 27, 2006)

Erika L. Grimmelmann 
(July 2nd, 1979 - November 3, 2011)